Boiled Peanut Recipe – A Southern Tradition

This boiled peanut recipe is a southern tradition and a delicious mess. You can readily find boiled peanuts sold along roadsides throughout the Southern USA. Boiled peanuts are a messy treat–and a little bit of work to eat–they’re kinda like eating pistachios in a soggy shell (not taste-wise, just work-wise). I love ’em–I don’t make them, ’cause I’m too lazy–but I’m always happy to eat them when CG boils up a batch, especially if she’s digging them out of the shells for me.

Boiled Peanut Recipe Ingredients:
3 lbs RAW “green” PEANUTS
½ cup SALT
GARLIC fresh or dried
HOT PEPPERS fresh or dried
flavored BOULLION (broth)
…pretty much any seasoning that you like!

southern boiled peanuts

southern style boiled peanuts

Boiled Peanut Recipe Directions:
Ideally you want to use raw “green” peanuts. Green peanuts are not green, that just means they’re minimally processed–pretty much just out of the ground. Use green peanuts quickly, because they will not keep long and are prone to mold. Green peanuts are ideal because they will more quickly and most readily absorb the seasonings during the boil. You can use peanuts that have been dried in the shell, but don’t use roasted peanuts.

Wash and rinse the peanuts thoroughly, and then place them in a large pot and cover with plenty of water.

Place on the stovetop, cover and bring the pot to a boil, then reduce the heat to medium and allow the peanuts to cook for 2 hours. Add more water to the pot as needed. The peanuts should always be covered in plenty of water. At first the peanuts will float, but after time, the peanuts will sink.

After 2 hours, add seasonings (it’s in the latter part of the boil that the peanuts absorb the most flavor). Add salt, which is the primary ingredient–in fact salt is all you need; many folks JUST USE SALT–they’re plenty tasty that way, but we prefer to add other seasonings as well, which is generally called “cajun boiled peanuts”. For this batch we added several cloves of raw garlic, dried chili peppers, and ½ cup chili powder. But you can add whatever seasonings you like.

Cover, and allow the peanuts to continue bubbling on medium heat for 30 more minutes.

After thirty minutes, remove the peanuts from the heat and allow to sit in the seasoned water until they reach the desired flavor, anywhere from 2-5 hours. The longer they sit cooling in the pot, the more seasoned they will become. Give them a try every half hour until you’re happy with the flavor.

They are a mess to eat, but delicious and addictive. Once you start eating them, it’s hard to stop–they will go quickly! If you have leftovers, just drain them and store them in the fridge in ziplock bags. You can also freeze them in ziplocks for longer storage.

Give this Boiled Peanut Recipe a try and let me know what you think, and bon appétit!

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