Easiest Fruit Fly Trap to get rid of Fruit Flies

fruit fly trap

5 Simple Ways to control fruit flies:

How to get rid of fruit flies? Just build a simple fruit fly trap. All you need is a bottle, paper to make a funnel, a piece of tape, and some bait. The bait can be anything that draws fruit flies; a little vinegar or just a slice of fruit are the easiest things to use.

Fruit flies are not pretty. No one wants fruit flies in the kitchen, but they love kitchens! Or at least they love things in the kitchen. What kinda things? Anything sweet, or rotten, or fermented; basically anything smelly. Even if you can’t smell it, they can.

1) Make a fruit fly trap! Don’t wait until there are lots of fruit flies. Make a fruit fly trap right away. Fruit flies reproduce quickly, so nip the problem in the bud.

2) Keep over-ripe fruit and vegetables in the fridge.

3) Wipe down food prep areas after every use.

4) Empty your garbage regularly, and keep perishable garbage bagged and in the fridge.

5) Keep your recyclables clean. Dirty cans and bottles attract flies, especially soda and alcohol containers.

fruit fly trap
doesn’t a wine bottle make a classier trap?

How to Make a Fruit Fly Trap

To make a fruit fly trap, you’ll need a bottle. Any bottle will do, but I prefer a darker bottle; it just looks classier.

fruit fly trap
Use a little vinegar or slice of fruit to draw fruit flies.

Place a little vinegar in the bottle, just enough to cover the bottom.
Construct a funnel using a magazine page. Put a piece of tape at the bottom of the funnel to hold it in place.

fruit fly trap
Make a loooong funnel to go deeeeep into the bottle, this will prevent fruit flies from escaping.

The funnel should be long and narrow. You want the end of the funnel to go deep into the bottle; this will prevent the flies from getting out.
Push the funnel into the bottle and set the bottle in a corner out of the way.
Fruit Flies will be drawn to the vinegar and become trapped in the bottle.
It’s simple and effective.
Once you’ve caught some fruit flies, you can do whatever you want with them, cause that’s the law of the jungle.

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