Toast Hawaii –how to make this German Favorite

Fancy Toast Hawaii

Toast Hawaii is an open-faced sandwich popular in Germany. It is traditionally comprised of lightly toasted white bread which is then buttered and topped with thinly sliced ham, a pineapple slice, a cheese slice, and a maraschino cherry –so it’s really a deluxe toasted cheese. Check out the video below to see how me and CG first put together a traditional Toast Hawaii and then build a fancy-pants version of the German favorite.

Both versions were alright…fancy-pants was definitely my favorite, but overall, pineapple plays too big a role in Toast Hawaii; I think pineapple should stay where it belongs –on the bottom of an upside down cake, or on a pizza (of course, there was a time when I didn’t think it belonged on a pizza…and then I ran into the right pineapple pizza.) So give a version of Toast Hawaii a try and see what you think.

A traditional Toast Hawaii sandwich
A traditional German Toast Hawaii sandwich

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burger banh mi

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