Pour Over Coffee is not complicated, dude

Pour over coffee is easy; not as easy as French Press coffee, or a Mr. Coffee type coffee maker, but it requires minimal equipment to get the job done. All you need to make pour over coffee is coffee, hot water, a filter, a funnel, and a coffee carafe or thermos. You don’t need a fancy pants pour over funnel, or spout, or a lab coat and a degree from Coffee College. The key to great coffee, no matter how you make it, is freshly ground coffee beans that you love.

What You Need To Make Pour Over Coffee

COFFEE buy whole beans and grind them at home, freshly ground coffee makes all the difference.
CARAFE or THERMOS or just a CUP, if you’re only making a cup…although you’ll probably need something deeper to accommodate the funnel when you pour the water over the grounds.
FUNNEL you can buy an overpriced hipster fancy pour over coffee thingy designed specifically for coffee…or you can just buy a funnel like mine
FILTER a coffee filter, duh
WATER …DON’T pour boiling water over your ground coffee! Heat cold water to a boil, then set aside for 1 minute, then return to the burner on low heat to maintain the temperature while you

When making pour over coffee, 2 Tbsp whole coffee beans to 6oz of water is a good ratio to start with…but coffee is subjective, so experiment and adjust to taste.

pour over coffee

grind beans, heat water, pour…ta-da!

How to Make Pour Over Coffee

Use your favorite coffee beans. Shop around. Experiment. The beans make all the difference.
Buy whole beans and grind them fresh at home.
Grind the beans coarsely.
Don’t over grind.
Finely ground coffee will thicken in the filter and the water will pass too slooooowly through the filter, ain’t nobody got time for that. If there a few chunks of larger bean in your grind, it’s not the end of the world…less is more…that’s coffee philosophy 101.
Place the funnel in a carafe or thermos.
Line the funnel with a coffee filter and fill with freshly ground coffee.
Heat water to a boil, remove from burner and allow to cool 1 minute, then return to the burner and keep on low heat; this is just to maintain the heat between the pouring.
Slowly pour water over the coffee grounds. Do this in a circular motion. Cover all grounds evenly, don’t pour in a single concentrated area.
Once all the water is poured through, remove funnel and cap carafe or thermos.
That’s it, dude.
But Like I said, as easy as pour over coffee is, French Press Coffee is easier:

pour over coffee

click pic for how to make French Press Coffee

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–Chef Buck

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