Omelet Recipe – Omelet with Cream Cheese and Lamb

For this fancy-pants omelet recipe I’m using lamb, garlic, and cream cheese, which is the perfect hipster omelette combination, but there are no end to the ingredients that can be used to make an omelet. Do you spell it omelet or omelette? However you spell it, it’s the perfect egg dish for breakfast, brunch or a lazy man’s dinner.

Omelet Recipe Ingredients

GARLIC finely chopped
WHIPPED CREAM CHEESE or grated cheese of choice
OIL or BUTTER for cooking
SALT and PEPPER to taste

omelet recipe

Important!! –let the omelet cook and set on the first side before turning!

How to Make the Best Omelet Recipe

Pre-cook any ingredients that need to be cooked: onions, peppers, meat…anything that takes longer than an egg to cook should be pre-cooked.
In a skillet, heat oil or butter on medium heat. Use enough oil to coat the bottom of the skillet. Medium is a good heat–not too hot, not too cold–enough to allow the eggs to cook and set without overcooking; an omelet should be soft, not crusty and overcooked–avoid too high a heat and browning the eggs!–that’s my preference of course, but give it a try. Don’t rush an omelet!–hell, it doesn’t take long anyway.
In a small bowl, crack two eggs and whisk well. The more you whisk, the fluffier the omelet.
Pour eggs into the skillet. Give the skillet a shake to spread the egg out.
And then leave it alone.
The eggs should cook gently.
Sprinkle salt and pepper to taste.
Let the eggs set and cook around the edges until the eggs move easily in the pan–this will take 1-2 minutes depending on how hot your skillet is.
Once the omelet can be moved easily, flip or turn the eggs over gently with a spatula. Immediately turn off the heat, the pan will be hot enough to finish off the omelet.
Add cream cheese or a little shredded cheese to one side along with other omelet fillings. Fold eggs over omelet fillings, making a half moon, and then slide your omelet onto a plate.
And that’s it–a super easy and delicious omelet!

Give this omelette recipe a try and let me know what you think, and bon appétit!

And for another fancy pants breakfast dish, try this Egg and Onion Korean Pajeon Pancake Recipe.

green onion pancake

Top the green onion pancake with 1 beaten egg. Pour the egg evenly over the cake to help it hold together …plus it tastes great.

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–Chef Buck


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