Indian Market for Groceries and Cooking Ideas

Shopping at a local Indian market can be great place to find exotic spices and produce, and they often have great prices, too. Do you have a local Indian grocery near you? If so, check it out, you’ll probably find great deals, and you will certainly get some new ideas on dishes and flavors to try in the kitchen. A lot of what I know about cooking, I learned through trial and error and experimenting with unfamiliar ingredients and cooking styles. Experimentation makes the kitchen a lot more exciting!

Watch our video tour of a small Indian Market in the USA

Check out this Complete Indian Cooking tutorial in Real Time.

It took us about an hour to prep and cook this full Indian meal.

chana masala quinoa

Chana Masala recipes can be super versatile; this is chana masala prepared with Quinoa.

Click the pic below for a trip to an Asian Market.

indian market

Shopping trip to an Asian Market

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