Green Bean Recipe for people who hate green beans

This green bean recipe reminds me of the green beans we sometimes get out at Chinese restaurants; I’m not a fan of green beans, but if I gotta eat them, I like them like this or in a green bean casserole.  This dish is pretty simple to make and has a lot of nice nutritional stuff in it–you can forego the butter if you want and just use oil–but you’re already eating green beans, so isn’t that punishment enough?

Green Bean Recipe ingredients:
½ large ONION (sliced)
2 Tbsp GARLIC (finely chopped)
1 Tbsp GINGER (finely chopped)
CHILI PEPPERS to taste (finely chopped)
2-3 Tbsp SOY SAUCE
SALT and PEPPER to taste
garnish w/ toasted SESAME SEEDS

Green Bean Recipe Directions:
I’m not a fan of green beans, but this recipe is a quick way to make them edible.
First, trim the green beans by “snapping” off the ends–fresh beans will snap easily, and if there is a fiborous, stringy seam along the bean, this can be pulled off as well. Bring a pot of lightly salted water to a boil and add the green beans. Allow to cook 2-3 minutes, the longer the beans are in the water, the softer they will get (duh)…but why overcook them? They’re already awful green beans, so you might as well get some nutrition out of them.
Remove the beans from the hot water and place in an ice bath for 1 minute. This is called blanching–it stops the cooking process, keeps the beans crisp and maintains the bright, green color of the beans. After a minute, drain the beans.
While the beans drain, heat olive oil and butter in a skillet. Add sliced onion, garlic, ginger, and chili peppers and saute for 2 minutes. Add drained green beans and continue cooking another 2 minutes. To finish, add soy sauce and sesame oil and mix well, then remove skillet from the heat. That’s it, man–serve ’em hot. And garnish the dish with toasted sesame seeds for optimal flavor potential.

chinese green bean recipe

green beans

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  1. I followed the recipe exactly, and I can attest, it’s delicious! Easy to make, and tastes like you bought Chinese take-out! Highly recommend :).

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