Sushi Conveyor Belt –never leave your seat for fresh fish.

Are conveyor belts better than waiters? We check out the sushi conveyor belt at Genki Sushi where sushi favorites glide right past the table; it’s a fun way to eat–and pretty affordable, too.

Kaiten-zushi is a sushi restaurant where plates move along a conveyor belt, winding through the restaurant and moving past every table and counter seat. Customers simply pick their selections from a steady stream of fresh sushi moving along the conveyor belt. The bill is based on the number and type of plates of the consumed sushi–often the plates are color coordinated by price. Some restaurants use creative conveyor belts that resemble “sushi boats” traveling small canals or miniature locomotive cars.

It’s a great place to eat on a budget because you can sample a variety of dishes without spending a lot of money–this is especially true if you’re eating out with friends. There is generally a wide price range based on the color of the plates, so choosing the right colors can get you filled up for the right price. The dishes circulating on the conveyor belt are both hot and cold, and not always sushi–some desserts and specialty drinks are thrown into the mix, too. Often the restaurant will offer the option to place special orders, but with such a varied choice of dishes winding it’s way right past your seat, it will be impossible to not grab something off of the sushi conveyor belt–which is the whole point, I guess.

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