Creme Fraiche Recipe — Easy Homemade Sour Cream

A Creme Fraiche recipe is like a homemade sour cream but less tangy. Creme Fraiche is easy to make and can be 3-4 times cheaper than store-bought creme fraiche. Crème fraîche is a Frenchy-type word that sounds like Krem Fresh in English. What is crème fraîche? It’s is a thickened cream, similar in consistency to sour cream, but without the sharp tanginess. It makes an ideal topping for desserts; it is rich and velvety smooth and can transform whatever it tops into a dessert, especially fruit. Or it can add creaminess to savory dishes as well. Crème fraîche has a high fat content, so it can be added into dishes as they cook and the cream will resist curdling. Add crème fraîche to soups and sauces to create a smooth, creamy richness. Crème fraîche can be used in any way you might use a whipped topping or sour cream, but the simplicity and richness of this thickened cream can elevate a dish to something special. A crème fraîche recipe is simply heavy cream mixed with live cultures.

Homemade Crème Fraîche Recipe

All you need to make crème fraîche is
HEAVY CREAM also called Heavy Whipping Cream and
YOGURT or BUTTERMILK with live cultures

A Crème Fraîche Recipe practically makes itself. All you have to do is introduce the two parties, put them together in a warm environment around 70F, and then let them hang out for 12-24 hours. How long it takes for the cream to thicken will mostly depend on the room temperature; if it’s a bit warmer or cooler in the room, it might take a bit shorter or longer time to make crème fraîche.

I generally make 16oz of crème fraîche at a time. This is a convenient size for Heavy Whipping Cream. Heavy whipping cream and heavy cream are similarly used names for the exact same product, so whichever label you buy will work fine. Heavy cream is cream with a milkfat content greater than 35%, by contrast, half and half is ½ milk and ½ cream, with a milkfat content around 12%. This higher fat content allows crème fraîche be added to simmering dishes without curdling, adding creaminess to soups and sauces, eggs, etc..

In a jar, combine 16oz of heavy cream with 2 Tbsp of cultured buttermilk or yogurt. It is essential that the yogurt or buttermilk contain live cultures, since this is the agent that will allow the heavy cream to thicken.

Stir the ingredients together, and then top the jar with a loose fitting lid or mesh, a coffee filter works great. Set jar aside and allow to rest at room temperature for 12-24 hours.
The cream will thicken over time, stir occasionally if desired. Once the cream thickens to the consistency of yogurt, place the crème fraîche in the refrigerator. It will continue to thicken and
will keep 8 to 10 days in the refrigerator.

creme fraiche recipe

Delicious crème fraîche can be made at home simply and inexpensively.

My Favorite Ways To Use Crème Fraîche

Use crème fraîche as a fruit topping. It turns fruit into dessert. An actual dessert if you top with powdered sugar as well.
Saute apples in butter and cinnamon and then top with crème fraîche. Holy cow it’s good.
Or just drop a dollop of crème fraîche on pie or cake.
Stir crème fraîche into pasta to add a decadent creaminess. Mac ‘n cheese!
Stir crème fraîche into soups and sauces, it will add creaminess without curdling.
Top oatmeal with crème fraîche to turn a bland breakfast into a better breakfast.
Add crème fraîche to scrambled eggs for the creamiess eggs ever.

If you’ve never tried crème fraîche then give it a go, and if you’ve only previously bought it from the store, definitely try this homemade crème fraîche recipe.

Here’s some desserts that would look nice under a dollop of crème fraîche!
Try a homemade Fruit Cobbler Recipe

creme fraiche

homemade fruit cobbler

Or a fancy French Baked Pear Recipe

pear salad

click pic for French-style baked pear dessert

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–Chef Buck

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