Cold Brew Coffee for the Best Iced Coffee

If you want to know how to make cold brew coffee it’s easy: Coffee + Water + Time = Cold Brew
Even if you’re bad at math, you can make a smooth batch of cold brew coffee for the best iced coffee you’ll ever drink, and you won’t have to pay $4 a cup for it like you’ll spend at Starbucks; the hardest part of making cold brew coffee is the waiting.

What You Need To Make Cold Brew Coffee

COFFEE …Buy whole beans and grind them at home, fresh-ground coffee makes all the difference.
WATER …We use cold tap water, ’cause we’re savages (I mean eco-friendly / cheap)
TIME …This is the hardest part, allow at least 12-24 hours. My wife prefers 36 hours…it’s pretty subjective.

cold brew coffee

cold brew for the best iced coffee

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee for the Best Iced Coffee

Use your favorite coffee beans. Shop around. Experiment. The beans make all the difference.
Buy whole beans and grind them fresh at home.
Grind the beans coarsley.
Place the ground beans in a sealable pitcher or jar and add water.
We like a ratio of 1½ cups whole beans to 4 cups water, but experiment and adjust to your taste…nothing is more subjective than a cup of coffee.
Seal the container and place in the refrigerator for 12 to 24 hours (or more, if you like).
When the time is up, simply strain the mixture through a coffee filter and it’s ready to drink.
Make multiple batches of cold brew coffee at one time, then you won’t have to wait.
Make extra batches of cold brew for coffee ice cubes: just pour coffee into an ice tray and freeze it…coffee ice cubes are fantastic for iced-coffee …it’ll keep the coffee chill without diluting the flavor.

Why Cold Brew?

  • Cold brew coffee is super smooth, and can be less acidic than coffee brewed hot, so it might be a better choice for sensitive tummies.
  • Cold brew stays fresher longer than hot brewed coffee, so you can make bigger batches at a time without
    the coffee growing old and stale to taste.
  • It’ll put pep in your step.

Give cold brew coffee a try and let me know what you think, and bon appétit!

And if iced coffee is too chilly for you, try a hot French Press Coffee.

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–Chef Buck


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